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I want to challenge your ideas about astrology. I’ve had a lot of practice challenging my own. Astrology came into my life at an early age, and I spent a good deal of my adolescence and young adulthood eschewing it in favor of academics and science. And yet, there were moments in life when quantifiable data fell short of feeling satisfying. A larger context was needed. Though mysterious and complex, astrology satisfied.

We are massively creative beings living in a world rich with the materials to invent. It behooves us to find a language that helps us understand our place in that world. It’s my aim to help you find a personal relationship with this language.

My approach to astrology involves the study of cycles, ecosystems, and our relationship with nature. It is a creative approach that will help you engage your world. I draw from the techniques of Evolutionary Astrology, Psychological Astrology, ancient metaphysics, and years of being a mind-body counselor and teacher. I am a constant student of human nature, and still an academic and (mad) scientist.

Please be prepared to participate in an active creative process. This is not fortune telling.

Be prepared to work. This is practice grounded in intellectual rigor, collaboration, and a sense of adventure!