Cory Nakasue

Body Intelligence is a multidisciplinary approach to movement training that facilitates healthy neurobiological and psychobiological function. I speak many languages of body to help you create your own tools for self-inquiry and healing. I've often found that practicing one method, technique or dogma exclusively can get in the way of the self-examination and reinvention that is essential for growth.

I have worked with movement in clinical, therapeutic and self-improvement contexts. The work we do is highly creative, and therefore as original as you.

The Body Intelligence focus

  • Reprogramming the nervous system through a synthesis of movement, language, and touch.

  • Transforming sensorimotor patterns to facilitate body-mind coherence.

  • Developing creative practices for healing and self inquiry.

  • Complete core consciousness: integrating awareness/function of the anatomical core, somatic core, and visceral core.