Safe. Effective. Creative

There are many systems that contribute to a body’s ability to heal and perform.
Layered upon those, are physical imprints from our lifestyles and experiences.
Layered upon those, are ideas, definitions, and judgments.

Body Intelligence is a process, investigation, and dialogue.

In the absence of injury or disease, mental/emotional habits become the physical habits that present as chronic pain and decreased mobility. Establishing healthy communication between the physical/emotional body and mind is vital for anyone seeking to heal and grow. A unique part of our process is the creation of new experiences in the body that introduce new ideas and feelings about movement---primarily the feeling of safety.

Spontaneous expression comes from a body that feels safe.

People long for the union of thought, feeling, and action—and yet for many this is elusive. The culprit is usually a fear-based nervous system pattern that was installed for a good reason at the time—but has outlived its usefulness. Our work is about your body’s circumstances now. It’s about generating a new reality in your body. Forging neuronal pathways that privilege freedom and diminishing the pathways of fear. To do this you must become familiar with your materials; understand the rules, stories, and strategies you made for your body in the first place.

You created the old strategies. You can create new ones.

Why movement?  Movement exists in an ever -changing present moment. In that moment we can see the body revealing the mind. Just as much as you can verbally explain your body, your movement reveals (or betrays) what those explanations are based on. As far as I’m concerned, the body IS the subconscious mind and movement is the deep psyche in action. Once you are aware enough to distinguish your patterns from your body in the present moment, transformation happens.